What can I expect for our first session?

The first time we meet will be like an intake session. Make sure you are in a quiet space in which you won’t be disturbed (as much as possible!) and come ready to discuss what areas you’d like to focus on, or where you are feeling stuck. I will be asking you questions about your life history, from as early as you can remember, until early adulthood. Some challenging feelings may arise, so it might be a good idea not to schedule anything too socially demanding after the session. 

I’m not sure if I like the idea of being hypnotized. I want to be able to have control over what happens.

If you should become uncomfortable at any point, just let me know and we can end the process. This form of hypnotherapy is more like being in a meditative state, where you can quiet your mind and all the typical thoughts that come with it. The idea is to get you to a state where deeper consciousness can rise to the surface, so that the healing work can take place. 

How is this different from talk therapy?

Though we will spend some time each session talking about what has been coming up for you, we will also be doing altered state work. This means your mind is operating in an alternative fashion. Think of a water purification system: the filter collects all of the unnecessary thoughts which prevent you from identifying the source of the negative pattern in your life, so that the water may run clear and the source becomes evident. By the time we enter into a process to identify the source, you will already have tools to be able to meet the source with compassion and courage to find resolution.

I don’t live near you. Can we do sessions over the phone or on video chat?

Yes! Depth Hypnosis is just as effective non locally as it is in person. We can have sessions either over the phone or on zoom.