Depth Hypnosis 

Depth Hypnosis has been proven to heal mood disorders including depression, PTSD, and anxiety. It can also support issues of addiction, codependency, dissociation, weak or nonexistent boundaries, as well as the internalized effects of oppressive systems and relationships. Developed in the mid 1990’s by Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D., Depth Hypnosis utilizes transpersonal psychology, buddhist psychology, somatics, shamanic practice, and hypnotherapy to bring one’s physical, mental, and emotional well being into alignment.

Depth Hypnosis calls upon the client to take personal responsibility for the issues arising in their life, by following threads to the source, and applying a salve of their inner wisdom. It is my job to help you cultivate that medicine, and it is unique to each individual. Often, during sessions, inner-child work will take place. It is important to note, this work is not re-traumatizing, as the client will have already developed a strong connection to the wise teacher within which protects and cares for the client’s wellbeing. This is a beautiful process to watch unfold over time, as clients come into a greater place of personal power and understanding of their patterns. 

Some words from a few clients: 

“I began working with Emmy during a difficult period of transition in my life. Emmy’s energy and empathetic nature, as well as her knowledge and skills in facilitating depth hypnosis, have been exactly what I needed at this time. I feel as though this work is so deeply healing and powerful, and I am grateful for Emmy’s wisdom and willingness to meet me where I am at. She is intuitive, supportive, and caring. Her voice is also one of the most comforting voices for engaging in this type of experience. I highly recommend working with Emmy, no matter what phase of life you are in. Emmy will meet you where you are at and offer wisdom and empathy through the process.”

-Marísa F. 

“Emmy’s work helped me grow as a person and confront anxieties during a critical time in my life. She left me with a safe way to explore who I am. Her practice embraces the mystery of the mind in a way that seems more true-to-life to me than the standard dialectical or behavioral therapy I’ve otherwise done. I’m extremely grateful to have had the chance to be her client.”

-Joe H.

Conflict Resolution and Mediation

As a certified Coming to Peace facilitator, I offer couples, families, or small groups conflict resolution and/or mediation as they work toward collective understanding and healing. An area I am particularly passionate about is offering experiences of transformative justice to my communities. Here is a great video explaining transformative justice. I believe in this model because it views conflict as a potentially generative presence. The idea of dysfunction being the teacher is a powerful one, and lends itself to a process not yet embraced on a large cultural scale, but one that is truly transformative and needed in this time of life. 


Whether you are celebrating a new life coming into existence, a sacred union, or the honoring of one who has passed, I will work with you to uncover what elements you wish to be part of your ceremony to give proper homage to the great change in your life. 

Welcoming ceremony and ritual back into our lives can bring a sense of groundedness to ourselves and our communities. Many have lost this connection due to the frantic nature of society, and along with it, a reciprocal relationship to the earth. It is my honor to act as a channel, and support you in reconnecting to the natural world through personal or communal initiations and shifts in your life. 


We recently had Emmy officiate our wedding, and the entire experience was magic. She met with us to gain a deeper understanding of what we wanted from our ceremony. Her visualization exercises helped us journey through our imaginations and expectations, allowing us to connect more deeply with ourselves and each other. Emmy’s wisdom, warmth, and knowledge about union rituals helped us develop a ceremony that was special and unique for us. The ceremony was executed beautifully, and she exceeded all of our expectations. We are so fortunate to have shared our most special moments with her”. -L&M

Integrative Energy Medicine + Herbal Support 

Sometimes a physical shift is needed to create space for deeper exploration into one’s internal landscape. For this reason, I prepare ethically grown + foraged herbal remedies which can support both physiological and energetic ailments alike.

Energy Medicine is a powerful tool for clearing one’s psychic, emotional, and physical space at the same time. We live in a world filled with unrelenting chatter through social media, streaming platforms, and every day relationships. This chatter can enter our being and affect us in any number of ways. We take on others’ beliefs as our own, even if it casts us in a negative light. Often, we don’t even realize when this occurs, because it shows up as tiredness, annoyance, anger, or self-deprecation. We miss the entry point, and without that knowledge, we are left vulnerable to impact. We end up carrying around whole treasure troves of trash that is not ours. Energy medicine can loosen the grip of this load, allowing the individual to find clarity, freedom and peace in their own mind and heart. 

An experience one client had of an energetic clearing:

“Emmy offered to do a healing for me during a moment that I think of as PTSD. I was in a new space, and had a physical reaction (possibly an anxiety attack?) of fear related to being in unsafe spaces in the past.

We sat under an apple tree, and she asked me to gently focus on the feelings I was having. Then she placed a bowl of water at my feet, handed me a crystal, and lit sage. I closed my eyes and she walked around me with the sage, sometimes blowing it toward me with a strong gust. She shook a rattle at varying speeds around me. When she shook it fast, close to my head, I instantly began to bawl. Like loud moaning with tears. She then wiped the air away from my shoulders and saged me again. Slowly I began to regulate my breathing. When I calmed, she rang a little bell, which conjured in me a warm invitation to my child-self to return to me. Finally she dumped out the water that had been at my feet.

I had not been prepared for what would happen during the healing, so every reaction I had was untainted by expectation. I felt a lot calmer and safe afterwards. The anxiety I had felt was no longer affecting me physically, and I was able to discuss with her the issue that had caused me to panic.”Sara C.